Wandering Walter


UNLESS you come from Lancashire you will not have heard of Wandering Walter. Yet he is a legend in these parts and probably the funniest comedian I ever saw, although there was lots of competition in them days. He worked, I believe, for British Leyland near Preston but spent almost every evening entertaining all-male audiences in working men’s clubs. This was before the days of mobile phone cameras so there is scant footage of his genius at work. However he once made a cameo appearance on the Little and Large show. Although his style is obviously cramped by the two hopeless hosts, this gives a flavour of Walter’s unique delivery.

Having heard how he talks, now imagine him telling this, one of my favourite WW gags. ‘We got burgled t’other day. T’wife and I went out and she left a big pan of broth on t’stove. When we got back the door was open and our telly had gone. And, worse, the dirrty buggerrs had shat, SHAT! in the broth. And do you know, we had to throw nearly HALF of it away!

RIP, Walter Horam, much missed.

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