The Ronettes: Is This What I Get for Loving You?


THE Phil Spector-produced Ronettes (lead singer Veronica Bennett, her older sister Estelle and their cousin Nedra Talley) were past their peak when they recorded this in 1965 but I think it is one of their very best numbers. Their first big hit was Be My Baby in 1963, and it was soon followed by Baby I Love You. In 1964 they released The Best Part of Breakin’ UpDo I Love You? and Walking in the Rain, none of which were major hits in Britain. In 1965 Born To Be Together failed to make the charts, but in my view it was not very good. Is This What I Get for Loving You? is miles better (as it should be, having been written by Phil Spector, Carole King and Gerry Goffin) but it too got nowhere in Britain and made only 92 in America. They released one more single, I Can Hear Music (another great track) in 1966, which scraped into the US top 100 at 100 for one week before they split up.

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