The Chiffons: He’s So Fine


THE lyrics of this song are great. For example:

He’s so fine
Gotta be mine
Sooner or later
I hope it’s not later

The whole song can be found here.

It was written for the Chiffons by Ronald ‘Rocco’ Mack and released in 1962. It made No 1 in the States in March 1963. By that time Mack was terminally ill with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and he died later that year, aged 23.

In 1976 Bright Tunes Music, the company which owned the rights to He’s So Fine,won a lawsuit against George Harrison for ‘subconsciously’ plagiarising Mack’s tune in writing My Sweet Lord. Much of the eventual settlement of $587,000 was paid to Mack’s surviving family.

Jay Siegel of the Tokens, the group who set up Bright Tunes Music, said of Mack’s songs: ‘They had the most incredible lyrics; not intellectual lyrics, but just the things that people speak of in everyday language. Most people don’t have the talent to write them down as music, but he did. [Had he lived] he would have been one of the most successful songwriters of the 60s.’

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