Ruby & the Romantics: Our Day Will Come


Composers Bob Hilliard and Mort Garson intended this to be an easy listening number for Jack Jones but were persuaded to let the new group Ruby & The Romantics give it a try. It was released in December 1962 and reached No 1 in the States in March 1963. It got to 38 in Britain. Ruby & The Romantics never achieved similar success and broke up in 1971. However their harmonies are considered to have influenced many other groups, and several of their songs were bigger hits for other performers.

In 1975 Frankie Valli gave it the middle of the road treatment its writers originally envisaged.

Amy Winehouse recorded it on her debut album Frank. The voice is great but that persistent saxophone sounds like a cow in labour.
Amy Winehouse – Our Day Will Come: Amy Winehouse Tribute

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