Robert Mosley: Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye


THERE’S a bit of a fog about the details of this. For a start I can’t pin down if the name is Mosley or Mosely. It appeared as Mosley on the Capitol label when it was released in 1963 as the other side of Crazy ‘Bout My Baby, but many discographies list the other spelling. Mosley/Mosely was the co-writer of both songs, but I don’t know which was the A-side and which was the B.

It was covered by The Searchers in 1965 and reached No 4 in the UK chart, released under the title Goodbye My Love. Somehow the Searchers (one of my favourites usually) manage to reduce the powerful song to banality, complete with someone on fire tongs in the background, or in fact not in the background enough.

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