A Liddle means a lot


FOR quite a while now the only reason my wife and I have taken the Sunday Times(yes, you take it, like foul-tasting medicine) has been Rod Liddle.

His attacks on the betrayal of Leave voters, Leftie lunacy and mealy-mouthed politicians shine out like a beacon in the newspaper’s wasteland of political correctness and confected nonsense – during our many years in Fleet Street it was a given that any ST story you tried to follow up would collapse like a house of cards.

So it can only be a matter of time before Liddle’s trenchant expressions of common sense become too much for the management to bear.

One ominous sign emerged last Sunday when his column was relegated to a left-hand page – the right-hand ones are traditionally regarded in the newspaper world as being better read, which is why the best stories are generally reserved for Page 3.

Today he occupied a similar berth and I fear the writing is on the wall for our Rod. But be warned, Sunday Times. When he goes, so does our subscription. And I suspect that many readers will feel the same.

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