Reparata: Shoes


A commenter reminded me of this slightly odd song released in 1975 by Reparata, former lead singer of Reparata and the Delrons. It was first recorded in 1973 by a group called Felix Harp and was written by one its members, Eric Beam. The Felix Harp backing track was remixed for the Reparata single.

It concerns the wedding of Johnny and Louise, and is sometimes known by that name.

The lyrics are unusual, though not quite as unusual as they appear on all the lyrics websites – I have marked the places where they are wrong:

Johnny and Louise
Both on their knees
Praying to God
So that He may bless them on
Their wedding day
Everybody pray
That they may be safe and true
As they say I do
Turn and run down the aisle
See papa smile
After throwing rice so far
Getting into the car
Mother didn’t give her a goose [should be: Mother didn’t give her abuse]
She didn’t forget her shoes
Uncle Jerry opens the wine
Everybody has a good time

Tom brings his band
Bouzouki in his hand
Everything so grand and so gay
We can frolic all day
As Louise starts to dance
Johnny gets her pants [should be: Johnny gets a glance]
From the other girls who smile
As they know all the while
When he picks up his bride
Somewhere they’ll hide
While they’re making love somewhere
There be music filling the air

It got to 92 in the States and 43 in Britain. It wasn’t helped by the fact that there were two singers claiming to be Reparata. The resulting legal action severely damaged sales.

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