The Cascades: Rhythm of the Rain


We live in Lancashire so I thought I would do a series of rain songs, since that is the only kind of weather we seem to get here and my husband has been banging on about it for a while.

I have done Rhythm of the Rain before, but this is a different video. I remember my friend Helen’s elder sister Mel buying it when it was released in late 1962. I think it cost 4s 8d, or 23 pence. We played it all the time on their tiny Dansette.

It was written by one of the group members, John Claude Gummoe. In early 1963 it got to No 3 in America and 5 in the UK. Although they continued making records until 1972 the group never had another real hit.


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  1. Great early 60s song. I wasn’t here in 1962 so first heard “Rhythm Of The Rain” on the “Quadrophenia” soundtrack double LP. The non-Who songs on that collection were many times better than the bloated 1970s Who stuff.

    On second thoughts, “Love Reign O’er Me” was OK, to continue the rain theme.

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