The Beatles: If I Fell


Possibly the best self-composed Beatles track, with a stunningly complex and beautiful melody. John Lennon claimed to have written it solo, given credence by this scratchy home demo,

 but Paul McCartney said it was a joint effort. It features in their first film, A Hard Day´s Night (1964) but was not officially released as a single in the UK. In the US it was the B-side of And I Love Her, reaching No 53 in its own right in 1964. I have been resisting using it because I don´t like the clip from the film with Lennon messing about, but belatedly it occurred to me that I could use the track on its own. Unfortunately the superior mono version (from the film) does not seem to be available on YouTube so here is the film clip, which you can watch with your eyes closed if you prefer:

Here is the separately recorded stereo album version, with the intro double-tracked.

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