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  1. What a great group – they were the Irish Fairport, sort of.

    My favourite Planxty LP is “Cold Blow and The Rainy Night”. There was a great folk music scene, parallel to ours, in Ireland in the 60s and 70s. I saw Andy Irvine in concert recently (aged 74!). He does a song called “O Donoghue’s”, in which he recounts his early days on the Irish music scene with Sweeney’s Men and the like. Seeing him sing this in person was a precious moment in my recent concert going.

    I rarely watch TV nowadays, but I do enjoy the BBC channel Alba – there is a lot of music on it, in a language I don’t understand and by people I’ve never heard of. Lots of fiddly-diddly music; I could watch it all day.

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