Bobby Vee: Suzie Baby


This was Bobby Vee’s first single, which he wrote himself. It was released in 1959 but did not make the charts.

His backing group, The Shadows, included for a while a musician called Elton Gunn, who was later known as Bob Dylan. I am not sure if he is one of the group pictured on the YouTube track.

On July 10, 2013, Dylan was performing at the Midway Stadium in St Paul, Minnesota, when he said: ‘Thank you everyone, thank you friends. I lived here a while back, and since that time, I’ve played all over the world, with all kinds of people. And everybody from Mick Jagger to Madonna. And everybody in there in between. I’ve been on the stage with most of those people. But the most beautiful person I’ve ever been on the stage with, was a man who is here tonight, who used to sing a song called “Suzie Baby”. I want to say that Bobby Vee is actually here tonight. Maybe you can show your appreciation with just a round of applause. So, we’re gonna try to do this song, like I’ve done it with him before once or twice.’ Here is the occasion:

By this time Vee had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He died in 2016, aged 73.

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