Sir Douglas Quintet: Mendocino


Not often you get the good lady wife and myself plugging the same artist. This was recommended by reader Andy Marshall in response to a recent clip of Tony Joe White appearing on the US TV show Playboy After Dark. Here the deeply creepy Hugh Hefner interviews Doug Sahm over a platter of silverskin onions and other delights before he and the band perform Mendocino. Is that Michael Caine in the corner?


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  1. I’m not certain that it is Michael Caine but it very well could be. There are other celebrities in that audience; I can’t remember who they are but I read it somewhere! You can tell that they are showbiz people from their exaggerated dancing.

    There was a film made about Doug Sahm a couple of years ago: “Sir Doug & the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove”, but it was only available as an Amazon download and not a DVD, which I would have preferred. Anyway, the download is not available anymore so I missed out. It will turn up at some point.

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