Small Faces: Lazy Sunday


This was written by group members Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane and appeared on the band’s 1968 concept album Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake. It was released as a single in advance of the album and reached No 2 in the UK.  The group never did well in America and the record got no further than No 114 there.

I think this video is German and towards the end a preview of another song appears – sorry about that.


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  1. Truly glorious!

    The TV show was “Beat Club” from Germany. It was a great show; I have a huge Beat Club DVD box set (or should it be “boxed set”?)

    At first the show featured groups playing live in the studio, a lot of them German. This was in the beat group era and it was the equivalent of “Ready Steady Go”. It was raw and amateur but exciting. The cameras used to force their way through the audience pushing people out of the way, Top Of The Pops-style, but more aggressively. It was Germany of course!

    Later in the 60s they dropped the German groups and had mainly British and American acts, mostly miming but enjoyable, as in the Small Faces clip. The embarrassing Dave Lee Travis was a co-presenter in this era of the programme.

    At the end of the 60s the show changed, and started to include a lot of non-musical content, this being mainly radical political nonsense. These episodes were tedious. It soon went back to music only, and by the turn of the 1970s it was in colour and was featuring live music again.

    The show changed its name to “Musikladen” in the early 1970s and continued until the 1980s I think. Always good. The girl presenter you hear in the above clip is called Ushi, and she was there all the way through.

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