The Pretty Things: Sickle Clowns


A 1971 live version of the song from the Parachute album. In memory of Phil May, who died a few days ago from complications following hip surgery after a cycling accident. He was 75.


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  1. Very hairy stuff!

    Here’s “Road Runner” from when they out-Stoned the Stones:

    Road Runner was a standard amongst those kind of groups. My favourite version of it is by (the aforementioned in A&M) Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders:

    I’ve got that actual single and on it the music is louder than the vocal, but on YouTube it is the other way around. The single has a very loud and raw sound, as singles did the 1960s. “Improvements” in recording techniques over the years smoothed out a lot of the excitement, and reissues of old stuff nowadays can often be doctored, tamed and even have things added or taken away. You don’t know what you’re getting with modern reissues. Sorry for straying off the point!

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