The Unthanks: What Can a Song Do To You?


Written by Nick Drake’s mum Molly, this is from the album Diversions Volume Four and very sweet it is too.


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  1. The Unthanks made a good TV documentary a few years ago about the old traditions, customs and festivals that still exist in many English towns. Tar-barrelling, guising, mummers, that kind of thing. I loved it!

    “Tar barrelling” is something they do in the North-East town of Allendale, which is Unthanks country, at New Year. I even went up there after seeing the programme, I liked the look of the place so much. (I didn’t go during the tar-barrelling mind). It’s a good place to visit. The journey there, if you go over the Hartside Pass and through Alston, is breathtaking. Who needs the Alps or the Costa Brava?

  2. Are you a fan of Kathryn Tickell at all Alan? Northumbria’s finest. She is great in concert, although her records are mostly a bit disappointing after the live experience. (I think the same about the Unthanks too).

    Also, is that Gabrielle Drake doing the spoken bits on the record?

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