The Supremes: Baby Love


I have to admit I was not a great fan of Motown or the Supremes, but this is a great pop song.

It was written by Motown’s top team Holland-Dozier-Holland and released in 1964, topping the charts in the US and UK simultaneously.


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  1. I love all the Motown big hits, they are some of the ultimate 1960s pop records. In fact I like the majority of soul music records from the 1960s and up to about the mid 1970s, especially the very rare and obscure ones that sometimes come under the irritating “Northern Soul” category.

    A big change occurred in the late 1970s: Disco music. This was when black music became less interesting and the old soul sounds disappeared never to return. I like the odd disco classic, but don’t like the way it took over the world, replacing guitar groups in the pop charts, and its world wide ghastly superstars Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

    It went from bad to worse and now we have rap music. There are many great black acts around, but the popular face of black music now is Rap, which is crap. It’s all the same tune, and not a very good tune at that. Nobody in their right mind can like rap, but there are not many right minds left.

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