Adam Faith: Message to Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)


This was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and was a hit under three titles. It was first recorded as Message to Martha by Jerry Butler in 1962, appearing as a track on his 1963 album Need to Belong.

In 1964 Lou Johnson released it as Kentucky Bluebird, reaching No 104 in the States.

In the UK Adam Faith covered it as Message to Martha (Kentucky Bluebird), reaching No 12 in the UK in November 1964, his last Top 20 hit.

In 1966 Dionne Warwick did it as Message to Michael, this apparently being the only male name beginning with M that would fit the tune. It reached No 8 in America. I don’t know if it was released here.


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  1. Stunning stuff! I only knew the Adam Faith, Dionne Warwick and Ian and the Zodiacs versions, but those earlier versions by Jerry Butler and Lou Johnson are superior.

    “Take a Message To Mary” by the Everlys is not connected. Or is it?

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