The Spotnicks


One of the outstandingly weird groups of the pop era, the Spotnicks were from Sweden. I don’t think their singles merit individual posts, but it is worth seeing their videos.

Their first hit in the UK was Orange Blossom Special, reaching No 29 in 1962. This was when they started wearing ‘space suits’ on stage. (The name Spotnicks was a take on the Russian Sputnik space satellite.)

The next was Rocket Man, reaching No 38 the same year.

In 1963 they had their biggest UK with Hava Nagila, which got to No 13.

Their final UK hit was Just Listen to My Heart, also in 1963, which got to No 36.

In 1963 Amapola was a No 1 hit in Sweden. This video is priceless for the dancers in their ties, jackets and pullovers. I am guessing this is Sweden, not Britain.

I can’t find any details about Last Space Train (1963) but it is one of the best videos. The audience seem completely unmoved by four idiots in space helmets.

Fun facts: There were 36 Spotnicks from the start of their career in 1961 to their final tour in 2014.

One of the 36 was Jimmie Nicol, who briefly played with the Beatles when Ringo Starr had his tonsils out in 1964.

The group recorded almost 800 tracks and produced 43 albums.


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