Mountain: Don’t Look Around


So much of its time, and vying for the title of least photogenic band in the world, a track from 1971. A toffee apple to anyone who can name the personnel of Mountain without googling. I always loved the Mountain bit that concluded the credits of Bwian Wawden’s Weekend Wuwd. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it was from Nantucket Sleighride (obv I could google this but that would be cheating.)


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  1. That was great – heavy groups are best when they play fast.

    I like the LP “Why Don’tcha” by West, Bruce and Laing, so I knew there was Leslie West and Corky Laing in Mountain, and I was sure there was a Felix too. The members’ name come up on screen towards the end of the clip though, as usual with the colour episodes of “Beat Club”.

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