Bert Jansch: Needle of Death


Continuing our drug odyssey, here’s Bert’s original version from the Sixties with great pictures from the BBC.

I much prefer the 1974 remake on LA Turnaround. Sadly, since I wrote about Bert this has been removed from YouTube so I guess you’ll just have to buy the album. You won’t be sorry.


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  1. I don’t know what to make of those grim old black and white BBC films of drug-taking. Were they originally shown to discourage drug abuse by showing the squalor? Perhaps not, as the BBC nowadays is a drug promoting institution, along with the Guardian and half the government. Wow man the colours!

    I always liked this song, and early Bert stuff such as “Nottamun Town” and “Nicola”. I re-read the older piece on Bert and enjoyed “Kingfisher”. I’ve not heard that LP.

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