Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Death Is Not The End


Dylan’s team seem to have done a good job removing the original from YouTube but Nick the Antipodean Undertaker deputises ably.


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  1. “Down In The Groove” is my favourite Dylan LP of his later years (late ’80s onwards maybe) but it gets a lot of criticism. I’m glad someone else likes it, and that it cheered up Nick Cave for a few moments!

    On that LP Bob’s versions of “Lets Stick Together” and “Shenandoah” are fantastic, but so is the whole album. There’s no fat on it; it’s only about half an hour long I think.

  2. I recently acquired the “No Direction Home” double DVD set and am working my way through it, although I fall asleep every night watching it, then resume the following night where I left off, so I don’t know when I’ll get to the end. Anyway, it’s great stuff. Bob was something of a tealeaf when he started out; most of his record collection he nicked from other musicians, who are still trying to get it all back from him!

    In the film, after the Free Trade Hall “Judas” clips, there are scenes of Bob in the back of a car, with Robbie Robertson, being driven through some countryside, and I’d love to know where that countryside was / is. It looks like Lancashire or Yorkshire; very peaceful and beautiful, with dry stone walls, and the film is colour, unlike the grainy b&w of “Don’t Look Back”. It’s the 1960s but the view just looks like it could be today, it’s timeless.

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