The Move: Blackberry Way


This was the group’s only No 1, in 1968. It was written by leader Roy Wood, who is also the vocalist.

This TV performance suggests that Carl Wayne is the vocalist, but I am pretty sure it is mimed to the record.

Wood’s voice has not changed much by the time of this show in Liverpool in 2011.


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  1. Roy Wood is one of the great British rockers – he has a tree-mendous voice, has written many great hits and can play most instruments. “Blackberry Way” is definitely sung by all the way through by Roy. The second clip is Carl Wayne miming to Roy’s singing, although it’s not the original single they’re miming to. The singing goes very ropey on the line “What am I supposed to do now?” at about 1 minute 25!!

    I love The Move, and Wizzard. I’ve seen Roy in concert a few times over the years, he is still going strong, and long may he!

    Carl Wayne was married to Miss Dianne of Crossroads.

    The Move’s bass player there, Trevor Burton, was later in another great group: The Steve Gibbons Band. Here he is with them on the bass guitar. He is a really good player – puts his back into it much like Norman Watt-Roy, Wilko Johnson’s bassist.

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