Symarip: Skinhead Moonstomp


Who remembers this quaint curio from 1969? Funny that skinheadery always seems to be associated with racism nowadays, whereas these are all black geezers.


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  1. Those skinhead reggae classics from the late 60s were great… “Longshot Kick De Bucket”, “The Liquidator” etc. I first knew of these through the mod/ska revival of the early 1980s. The Specials covered “Skinhead Moonstomp”.

    There always seemed to be two kinds of skinhead; there were those who loved reggae music and black culture, who mixed with blacks and in fact, wished they were black themselves. The other type were violent racist lunatics. Both were a very small cult minority, but if you listen to certain commentators today you would believe that everyone in Britain was a violent racist lunatic before Tony Blair re-educated us all.

    Two more Moon classics:

    “Moonlight Mile” by the Stones:

    “Moonlight Drive” by The Doors:

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