The Shangri Las: Give Him a Great Big Kiss


This was written and produced by Shadow Morton, who was behind most of the Shangri-Las’ hits. It reached No 18 in the US in 1964.

This is a fairly poor attempt at miming.

This is a live performance.

The vastly underrated Tracey Ullman covered it on her 1984 album You Caught Me Out.


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  1. That is a fabulous song. It inspired these people to dress up as women and call themselves The New York Dolls:

    Ex-NY Doll Johnny Thunders did a version of “Great Big Kiss”. It includes the Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah bit from the end of Joey Dee’s “Peppermint Twist:

    Tracy Ullman had a short but sweet run of hits in the early ’80s. I preferred her music to her comedy, and she was obviously a fan of ’60s music. You don’t hear her singles much nowadays sadly. I loved her cover of “I Can’t Breakaway”, and her performance of her songs were always entertaining, as with the great “Sunglasses” here from Top Of The Pops:

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