Abba: Angel Eyes


This was recorded in 1978 at the height of the group’s fame but not released until the following year, on their sixth studio album Voulez-Vous. It was released in Britain as a double A-side single with Voulez-Vous, and reached No 3. In America it was released on its own and was not a great success, peaking at No 64. I think it is one of their best.


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  1. I loved Abba, I think they were the Beatles of the 70s, by which I mean they were original, prolific, extremely talented musically and all-conquering.

    Here is an Abba oddity. A cover of their song “Honey Honey” by a duo called Sweet Dreams. It was in the charts at the same time as Abba’s own version.

    The singer is Polly Brown from Pickettywitch. In the performance she has blacked her face up for some reason.

    Also it is introduced by Jimmy Saville. No wonder the comments are turned off.

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