The Pretty Things: Rosalyn


The Pretty Things were sort of offcuts from the Rolling Stones, and it sounds to me as if vocalist Phil May modelled himself on Mick Jagger. Rosalyn, an obvious Bo Diddley copy, was their debut single in 1964, reaching No 41 in Britain. It was written by their co-manager Jimmy Duncan and Bill Farley, owner of the studio they used.

In 1973 David Bowie recorded the track for his album Pin Ups. I think it is better than the original.


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  1. The Pretty Things were great in that era. Very much like the Stones but very much more knockabout and frantic. There’s a small but tremendous genre of groups of a similar ilk and contemporaneous to the Pretties, such as the Downliners Sect and The Fairies, all said to have had long hair before anybody else.

    Speaking of The Stones Alan and Margaret have you seen Mick Jagger’s latest? Rather simplistic, bombastic and one of those “list” songs, but great fun, and it’s good to see him still at it at 103 or whatever age he is!

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