One Reply to “Colosseum: Arthur’s Moustache”

  1. Interesting, well played piece. Sadly not enough saxophone for me though!
    I saw Colosseum in either 1970 or 1971 at Manchester University, they performed Valentyne Suite absolutely brilliantly, especially Dick Heckstall-Smith playing two saxophones simultaneously.
    Great instrumentalists throughout the band, even Jon Hiseman who was so inventive, one of those drummers like John Bonham who goes way beyond providing just a beat that keeps rhythm, and turns the drum kit into a lead instrument. They had this superb melding of organ, guitar, saxophones, drums and xylophone. Variations in tempo and rhythm, and great dynamic range made their music so rewarding to study.
    They changed direction a bit later when Chris Farlowe joined; his voice is so distinctive and powerful that for me it obscured some of the more subtle playing as heard in the earlier instrumentals.

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