Everly Brothers: The Ferris Wheel


I’ve never been quite sure if I like this one or not. It’s certainly unusual. It was written by brothers Dewayne and Ronald Blackwell and released in 1964. It reached No 72 in the States and No 22 in Britain. I’ve put the lyrics below.

I’ll ride the rollercoaster or the carousel
I like the Spider and the diving bell
But since she’s gone I don’t like so well
The ferris wheel
I’ll ride the Rockoplane or the Tilter-Whirl
It wasn’t on these rides I lost my girl
Way up high is where I lost her
On the ferris wheel
Pretty ferris wheel, by your colored lights
I saw someone steal her kiss from her that ni-ight
I’ll pay my fare and ride the bumper cars
Those funny cars won’t make the teardrops start
But way up there is where she broke my heart
On the ferris wheel
On the ferris wheel
On the ferris wheel

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