The Shirelles: Dedicated to the One I Love


I have resisted doing this because I suppose I have to include the ghastly Mamas and Papas, but save yourself a nasty experience and don’t listen to it.

Tjhis was written by Lowman Pauling and Ralph Bass and first released by the ‘5’ Royales in 1959, with a guitar part that seems to have crept in from a different song.

It didn’t do anything on release but got to No 81 in the US when it was re-released in 1961.

In the meantime the Shirelles released it in 1959, taking it to No 83 in the US. They also had a second go with it in 1961 when it was a much greater success, getting to No 3 in America.

This is a video of it but the sound quality is not up to much.

Another good version was by Johnny Preston in 1965 as the B-side of Running Bear 65, which was a total flop.

Also in 1965, Reparata and the Delrons included it on their album Whenever a Teenager Cries.

OK, here it is. Released in 1967, it went to No 2 on both sides of the Atlantic, which shows what terrible taste a lot of people had.

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