The Kinks: Sunny Afternoon


One of my objections to the Kinks was that Ray Davies couldn’t sing, and this proves my point.

It was written by Davies and released as a single on June 3, 1966. It went to No 1 in Britain and No 14 in America.

I can’t see why anyone would have bought it.


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  1. Well I like them!

    The Kinks had a fine run of singles throughout the 1960s; they had a ramshackle, amateur, busker sound on the early releases, plus they were on Pye records . Pye singles and LPs always seemed cheaply made and low-fi, especially when compared to the high quality EMI releases of The Beatles.

    “Victoria” is my favourite, although I suppose Ray’s voice is weak on it. “Days” is one of the first records I can remember from my childhood. It has a better vocal performance.

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