The Casuals: Jesamine


The first release was in February 1968 by the Bystanders, whose manager Ronnie Scott co-wrote the song with Marty Wilde, using the pseudonyms Jack Gellar and Frere Manston. At that point it was called When Jesamine Goes. As far as I can tell it did not make the charts.

The Casuals released it in May the same year, and took it to No 2 in Britain. I don’t think it was released in America.

Here is a mimed performance but the sound quality is dire.


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  1. That’s one of the great 60s singles. The version by The Bystanders (who became Man) isn’t very good.

    I don’t think the Casuals did much else. They had a minor hit called “Toy” which was OK. Here’s a groovy 1960s clip of it:

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