Nino Tempo and April Stevens: Deep Purple


This was written by Peter DeRose and published in 1933 as a piano number. Mitchell Parish added lyrics in 1938.

Larry Clinton and His Orchestra with Bea Wain had a big hit with it in 1939.

There were numerous other versions in the same vein before the Dominoes’ doo-wop classic of 1957.

Brother and sister Nino Tempo and April Stevens recorded it in 1963 and it topped the US chart. I thought it did well in Britain but I can’t find a chart placing for it.

Here it is on TV with another of their hits, Whispering.


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  1. It was interesting there to hear how the music and its arrangement changed over time. The 1963 recording had a prominent drum beat, as 1963 was the era of Beat Music. The 1957 recording has drums in it, but they are low in the mix and the singing takes precedence. The 1939 recording had no percussion at all.

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