Scott McKenzie: San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)


I can’t bear this but it was hugely popular in 1967 and seems to have become a symbol of the idiotic 60s Flower Power movement. It was written by John Phillips of the ghastly Mamas and Papas. It got to No 1 in in Britain and No 4 in the States.

However this does give me the chance to play one of the most misconceived tracks of all time, a cover by Petula Clark on her 1967 album These Are My Songs.

The same album contains her version of the Young Rascals’ Groovin’. Who on earth bought this stuff?


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  1. I’ve not heard those Pet Clark songs before, they are very corny. She has the most unlikely voice to be singing songs about free love, flowers and letting it all hang out!

    I watched a great film from the 1940s the other night: “I Know Where I’m Going”. Petula Clark was in it, aged 8.

    For artists working outside of their normal style, Sandie Shaw’s LP “Reviewing the Situation”, where she covers rock songs by the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Stones, is rather good.

    1. Sandie Shaw did a few (3?) songs with The Smiths which are pretty good for a Eurovision winner.

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