The Beatles: To Know Her is to Love Her


This is the second in the season of Beatles tracks taken from my tapes and used on the 1994 album Live at the BBC, which I wrote about here.

It was broadcast on Pop Go the Beatles on August 6, 1963.

This was the track I loved the most, but it was never broadcast again as far as I know. I recorded it on the 7in tape which I could not play on the small reel-to-reel machine which Alan bought from a Penge junk shop. In 1993, thirty years later, we took the tape to a colleague’s home where he had a larger reel-to-reel set-up. When it played perfectly I nearly wept. I still feel the Beatles made a mistake in eschewing all material but their own – certainly some of their own was brilliant, but they did some amazing versions of older tunes, and this is one.

It was written by a 19-year-old Phil Spector as To Know Him is to Love Him and released in 1958 by his group, the Teddy Bears. It reached No 1 in America and No 2 in the UK.

I think this is a live performance.

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