What Am I Living For?


Two contenders for best version.

It was written by Fred Jay and Art Harris and first released by Chuck Willis in 1958, reaching No 9 in America.

Conway Twitty destroyed it in 1960 but somehow it got to No 26 in America.

The Everly Brothers, who regular readers will know can do no wrong, performed it on their 1965 album Beat & Soul. It is nice, but it is a different song. And I could do without the harmonica.

Now to the two versions which I can’t choose between.

The Band recorded it in 1973 for their album Moondog Matinee, but it was not included. It was added as a bonus track when the album was re-released in 2001.

This is Alan Price and The Electric Blues Company on their 1996 album A Gigster’s Life for Me. Sheer class.

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