Adam Faith: What Do You Want?


This was Adam Faith’s first No 1 (in Britain; I don’t think it was released in the States). It was written by Les Vandyke and arranged by John Barry. It was recorded at Abbey Road on September 25, 1959 and released on October 24. I suspect it was into 1960 when it topped the chart.

This seems to be a live performance.

Bobby Vee covered it in America as his second single and reached No 93. I’m surprised it did that well.


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  1. Fabbo! The Bobby Vee version has the same backing track as Adam’s.

    I picked up a boxed set of Adam Faith’s TV series “Budgie” the other week; it was going cheep. (Sorry, cheap).

    I’m looking forward to watching this as I love 1970s TV series and never saw “Budgie” first time around.

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