The Beatles: Ask Me Why


This is one of the tracks from my Pop Go The Beatles tapes that were used on the 2013 album On Air – Live at the BBC Volume 2.

It was written mainly by John Lennon but credited as usual to Lennon-McCartney. It was part of their live act before they started making records. This is said to be a recording from the Star Club in Hamburg.

The group recorded the song on November 26, 1962, and it was released on January 11, 1963 as the B-side of their first No 1, Please Please Me. It was included on their debut album Please Please Me released on March 22.

This is the Pop Go The Beatles recording, broadcast on September 24, 1963.


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  1. There’s a golden glow around that early Beatles music!

    I’ve just bought the “Get Back” DVD set, which is fantastic. The Beatles at the other end of their career. It is wonderful to watch; a super-clear picture of them rehearsing for hours, talking, running through old songs, arguing, smoking endless fags (except for Paul who smoked cigars), John turning up late, Yoko sitting silently. It is an expanded version of their film “Let It Be”, which I have only ever seen on TV, and not since the 1980s. I always thought that was rather a boring film and not very well produced but “Get Back” is a vast improvement.

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