Bob Dylan: Abandoned Love


One of my favourite Dylan songs, and to think it was dropped from the 1975 Desire album to make way for the somewhat dreary Joey. It did not emerge until the wonderful Biograph set ten years later.

Here is what is said to be his only live performance of the song, at the Bitter End cafe in Greenwich Village on July 3, 1975.

Here are the Everly Brothers, giving it a Gaelic accent.

And for good measure, Paul Rodgers and Nils Lofgren.


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  1. That’s a seriously good Bob song but I do love “Joey” – I’ve seen Bob performing it.

    “Joey” is a controversial song in that it idolises a criminal. Dylan did that often.

    New Yorker Johnny Thunders covered the song:

    1. Congratulations, Andy, on your 500th comment. Keep ’em coming.

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